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Policies & Guidelines on the application and issuance of vehicle stickers

1. Only vehicles with the current school year’s vehicle sticker are allowed to enter the campus.

2. The vehicle sticker is issued only to students, parents, & employees,

3. Only vehicles registered under the name of the applicant or his/her spouse or his/her parents are entitled to a vehicle sticker;

4. A vehicle sticker cannot be used as a substitute for an identification (ID) card.

5. Issuance of a vehicle sticker is on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED BASIS and each applicant can apply for two (2) vehicles only. The cost of a vehicle sticker is Two Hundred Pesos (Php200.00).

6. Payment for stickers shall only be transacted at the registrar.

7. Government-owned vehicles (with red plate) will not be issued a vehicle sticker.

8. Motorcycle drivers are required to wear their helmets with ICC stickers and remove them upon entry at the gate for identification purposes. Only one (1) back rider with a helmet shall be allowed to enter the campus.

9. A vehicle sticker is valid for one (1) school year only.

10. The maximum speed limit of 10 kph shall be observed at all times for all types of vehicles including motorcycles.

11. The guard on duty is authorized to inspect the vehicle’s compartment and under-chassis upon entry and exit;

12. Vehicles should be parked at the designated parking areas on a first-come-first-served basis. Parked vehicles are not allowed to run engines on idle for more than 3 minutes;

13. Road signs should be strictly followed.

14. No blowing of horns and no obstruction while inside the campus;

15. The school is not liable for any damage or loss of the vehicle or its contents, including but not limited to; force majeure, vehicular accident/collision, deliberately caused damage done by another person;

16. Overnight parking is not allowed.

17. Parking inside the campus will only be until 4:30 pm

18. Heavily tinted vehicles, smoke belchers, lowered (less than 6.5” ground clearance) and those with loud mufflers will not be issued a vehicle entry pass sticker. Stickers issued to vehicles, which were found to be violating the existing policies and guidelines on traffic rules and regulations shall be subject for cancellation of vehicle entry pass sticker.

19. The sanction for any infraction regarding traffic violation on any of these policies will be under the decision of the school admin.

20. The school registrar takes charge of screening applications and issuing and controlling of vehicle stickers.

21. All vehicle entry pass sticker applications shall be processed by ADMIN upon completion of the following requirements

22. Stickers of sold vehicles should be surrendered to the admin before application for another sticker.

23. Guidelines on traffic rules and regulations should be strictly followed.

Car sticker form


By signing this form, I hereby agree to adhere to the Policies & Guidelines on the application and issuance of vehicle stickers as outlined above

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